"I can't go a single day without making music.

It's what motivates me, it's what moves me, and truthfully,

I'm not me with out it!






It all started when I was just a youngster. As far as I can remember back I loved music and guitars. Matter fact in the picture to the left, the console with the bible on it in the background, was where I first heard music in our house. I would crank up the console, grab a broom stick, and pose like I was singing those songs on the records I played. I still have that console and play records on it to this day!



Over the years I played in a number of cover bands, recorded a few albums and have produced music that has been placed in multiple TV shows (mostly reality shows). I lived in Minnesota for most of my life and recently moved to Nashville with my family to pursue a full time career in songwriting and music production. As an artist, my music has been described as Train meets Keith Urban, got on Daughtry’s tour bus and jammed (I'll take that!). I am influenced by ALL kinds of music, from the classics of Frank Sinatra, Cheap Trick, Led Zeppelin, to Eric Church, John Mayer & Keith Urban. If it moves me, I love it! Music is my life. Without it  I would never be myself.


  • Licensed music aired on MTV, TLC, BRAVO, SPIKE, DISC, CNBC, CMT, NETFLIX, and more.
  • Winner of BOB 106FM’s Texaco Country Showdown 2013.
  • Guitar player on Tommy Lee’s (Motley Crue) Methods of Mayhem album “A Public Disservice Announcement”.
  • Released on RoadRunner Records 2010.
  • Finalist in 2012 NewSong Mountain Stage Songwriting Contest.
  • Winner of Tom Jackson Productions song makeover contest sponsored by Broadjam.com
  • Rockin 101 FM’s MN Homegrown February 2012 Band of the month
  • Winner of KQRS 92.5 FM’s 2011 Rock Stock Battle of the Bands. Plays Midway Stadium, St. Paul MN with Styx, Cheap Trick!
  • Winner of 2010 Industry Midwest Music Meltdown Summit song competition Milwaukee, WI


Here on the music page you can find links to buy, play and share songs and videos from my music releases. Go ahead, crank some up! Your allowed to while you are here!


Buy "vintage TCG" CD's and T shirts directly from me. I personally sign all merchandise bought directly from me through this store at Square.com.






February 2015


I've been writing out of the Bandwagon Red publishing office lately. They have given me a key to the office and I've been writing with a number of great writers there. Namely, Angie Perrault, Kris Bergsnes, Danny Traynor, and Reed Waddle! Setting up a new recording work station for BWR as well. Look for more news coming out of this office!!

January 2015


I have to mention that I song I wrote with Angie Perrault, Are You With Me,  has been getting some airplay on Minnesota radio Cool Country WCMP 100.6 FM. Thanks for Laura Cort and the MN Local Country Initiative.

December 2014


I have been writing a few jingles for Minneapolis / St. Paul area businesses. One for Minnnesota Rusco has been getting a lot of airplay during their ad campaign. Been getting contacted by friends up in Minnesota that recognize my voice and letting me know they are hearing the jingle!


Want to know when shows are coming up in a more personal way? Sign up for the email list using the from on the home page. I don't do a whole lot of live shows but I do play a few song writer rounds around the Nashville area. I look forward to seeing you at a round/show sometime. Don’t be shy either, if you come out to a show and see me on the stage or in the crowd, come up and say hi!



As an avid music creator, I also license music for use in TV/Film and advertising. Contact me if you are interested in having custom music composed for your project or would like to license existing music. Some of my music has been licensed and featured on these television shows and channels.

  • Jersey Shore - MTV
  • Moving In - MTV
  • I Used To Be Fat - MTV
  • 16 And Pregnant - MTV
  • Party Down South - CMT
  • American Idol Rewind - FOX
  • Car Chasers - CNBC
  • Fat N Furious - DISC
  • Auction Kings - DISC
  • How Booze Built America - DISC
  • The Little Couple - TLC
  • Toddlers & Tiaras - TLC
  • Here Comes Honey Boo Boo - TLC
  • My First Home - TLC
  • Surprise Home Coming - TLC
  • Auction Hunters - SPIKE
  • Knife Fight - ESQUIRE
  • L.A. Sugar - E!
  • Nova - PBS
  • Shedding For The Wedding - CW
  • Bad Girls Club - BRAVO


Need a jingle written and produced for your business or product? I write and produce jingles and music for advertising. Contact me for a quote. I can produce something catchy with impact or if you have an idea for the music I can produce that as well. Below are some examples of jingles I have produced for radio and/or television ads.

Jingle written and produced for a Twin Cities area home improvement business, Minnesota Russco. Here's one of the TV ad spots. The full jingle is below the video. Play to hear complete jingle with out voice over.

Jingle written and produced for a Cedar Rapids, Iowa area business, Master Plumbing & Heating. The company asked me to write a jingle using the Pop Goes The Weasel melody and Xylophones. Here's one of the TV add spots (TV spot produced my Todd Olbernolte). The full jingle is below the video. Play to hear complete jingle with out voice over.




Troy Castellano

Music Producer, Songwriter, Jingle Writer


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